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article about woman who gave birth after a stillbirth

I thought this story was touching, though I did not go through what she went through, I could relate to a few things.

"I'm around other pregnant people and they're so excited; they're talking about the baby's name and when the baby comes home ... and I still feel like, well, if the baby comes home," McMeekin told me last spring.

Then more than seven months pregnant, she added, "I'm trying my best. I still talk to it and sing to it and do all those other crazy mom things that other pregnant people do."
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im pregnant again. it's been 3 healthy babies since my last loss, but that will never change the anxiety i feel in early pregnancy...just need a place to be a mess.


So I found out I was pregnant last week. I'm excited but really scared. I've had only 2 pregnancies and two losses. My doctor put me on a blood thinner, lovenox. It's a daily injection I need to give to myself. Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it? I'm just a little nervous. Thanks in advance.

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Merry Christmas!!!!

I love my family and friends, but I have a hole in my heart that will never mend. I miss my babies. All year round...but a little more during certain times of the year. It's hard to hear about how great Christmas is when you have little ones around. It's hard to see all the pictures of the little ones with the pure happiness in their eyes knowing Santa came the night before. This year would have been the first Christmas that Benjamin would have been excited by. And it would be Dominick's first Christmas. It kills me that I miss these times with them. I wish things would have been different. I wish they were here with me. But I know in spirit they are. I know my angels are watching over their mommy and daddy. And I can't wait for the day when we can all be together again!

Sorry for the depressing post. Merry Christmas!!!!

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I'm back

I've been here a few times and have come today for support. I just found out I am pregnant yesterday. It was unplanned and I am in shocck. My shock is quickly turning into fear. I have had two miscarriages and two healthy babies. My husband is so hung up on money fears that he could care less how stressed I am. I have Lupus and APS which has caused my miscarriages. I just need some support and some people to talk to. So, hello :)
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This is my 7th pregnancy. I have one living child. All my other angels were lost between 4w and 11w.

Today we went for our first u/s and there’s a baby. It has a heart beat.


Baby is measuring small. I should be 6w4d by LMP, 6w2d by Ovulation. Baby is measuring 5w6d (+/-2days; 30mm).

Baby’s heartbeat is slow. One measurement was 81, next measurement was 83. Everything I have read states that the heartrate should be much higher -- at least 100.

I want to be excited or happy but all I can see are the flashing signs in front of me. I ran across a medical study that said that there’s a 60% fetal demise rate for heartbeats under 110 at 6 weeks. I hope I’m wrong. Can anyone help me with stories of low initial heartbeats and everything being ok?

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I got a BFP today and instead of being super happy I am TERRIFIED.  My miscarriage back in December really messed me up.  I honestly don't know how I could handle another loss like that.  I should be about 4 weeks... still super early.  Still plenty of time for an early miscarriage... after I get to the second trimester I will be a little more at ease, but that's the middle of August... it's going to be a long couple of months... 

I hope this one sticks.  I really really do... one of my best friends from high school actually found out she's pregnant today too, so we will be due right around the same time.  I already have another friend from high school who got pregnant the same time I did last time and so now I'm going to have to see all the pictures of her new baby and think about how I should be holding my baby too... I really don't want to have to do that twice.  

Hopefully luck is on my side this time around.  *crosses fingers*
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No Heartbeat

I guess I'm not one of the "lucky" ones. I've been pregnant 6 times, 5 of them miscarriages. We went today at 6w4d and not only was there no heartbeat, but she couldn't visualize the fetal pole, even with the transvaginal u/s. Yolk sac was there but that was it. I'm going back in next week to check the status but I know what is coming.

FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH Survey (xposted**)

Thank you everybody for your participation in our FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH SURVEY! We are still looking for pregnant women in North America to complete a short, online survey about their concerns, fears, and expectations about childbirth.

This research is being conducted through the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Here is a link to the 15-minute survey:

For more information on the Mother-Infant Wellness Lab visit

Please message me if you have any questions or concerns! And thank you again for your participation!

** We apologize for cross-posting! We are trying to reach as many pregnant women as possible :)